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Tori Spelling Dance Pole

Tori Spelling Dance Pole

Celebrities on The Pole

Even celebrities are taking to the pole, pole dancing that is.

Pole dancing has been around a lot longer than you may think, in fact we have traced pole dancing to the American depression era, when a traveling fair would set up sides’ shows in small tents surrounding the main tent.

One of the tents was set up for the erotic Hoochi Coochi dancers. The Hoochi Coochi dancers performed hip moments similar to the belly dancers and the bump and grind movements of burlesque dancers.  Due to the small size of the tent and the large crowds of onlookers, the Hochi Coochi dancers would approach the tent pole and begin to dance with it. Eventually, tent poles evolved into dance poles and pole dancing was born.

In the US, UK and Australia, pole dancing is a popular exercise, as well as a form of entertainment, and its popularity is spreading to many parts of the world.

Pole dancing is evolving into a fun fitness workout routine, since it seems to be more fun than going through a vigorous workout schedule.  Celebrities seem to be joining by the minute.  Teri Hatcher of Desperate Housewives was on Oprah talking about the amazing benefits of pole dancing. Kim Kardashian, Tori Spelling, Paris Hilton, Jessica Alba and Jessica Simpson have been seen gliding around on a pole. In fact, Kim Kardashian, as well as many other celebrities, has a dance pole in her home

kim kardashian home stripper pole

Kim Kardashian shows Us her home stripper pole

brooke hogan on a stripper pole

Brooke Hogan on a stripper pole

Many personal trainers know that pole dancing really helps strengthen the leg and thigh muscles and flatten and tighten your abs.  The flexibility that comes with pole dancing is nothing to sneeze at.

Models take to the Pole to Display Leg Wear

Modeling fashions on a pole has even caught on with the early morning television shows.

On a recent UK – GMTV early morning television show focusing on leg wear, a leg wear model took to the pole instead of the runway to display the latest in leg wear and tights for the winter.

The models, wearing corsets and black mini skirts took to the pole, striking poses with both legs up in the air and spinning provocatively.

A GMTV spokeswoman said: “Pole-dancing is the latest keep fit craze and is great for upper body strength and toning so we thought it would be a fun way to illustrate these tights.”

Pole Dancing is a fun, relatively inexpensive way to get in shape, get in touch with your sensuality and spice up your love life all in one.

paris hilton working the stripper pole

Paris Hilton Working the Pole

Britney Spears works the Pole

Britney Spears works the Pole